Satya Yoga, LLC.

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Satya Yoga, LLC. provides yoga classes for all ages and levels of experience in Greensburg, PA.


Welcome to Satya Yoga Greensburg

Satya is the Sanskrit word for "truth" or "truthfulness."  At Satya Yoga, LLC., we offer  you an opportunity to find your own personal truth through the practice of yoga.

Yoga is an ancient Indian methodology that combines physical postures and breathing exercises that encourages us to strengthen our minds, bodies and collective spirit.  Staying with our breath during the physical postures is a way for us to experience the present moment.  One of the side effects of the ability to stay present is contentment.  Contentment allows us to connect with our authentic Selves so that we may connect with others in our community. We strive to make yoga accessible to everyone by bringing this practice to the people in our community. 

Satya Yoga is currently offering regular classes at Stynchula Chiropractic, private instruction,  community outreach classes, corporate yoga classes, and children's yoga workshops.  Each class includes the practices of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.  Guided by experienced instructors Michelle Keenan and Mary Furlo, students will be encouraged to appreciate and honor their own unique Selves, and to practice safely with openness and honesty.

Yoga allows us to experience, through breath and movement, our strengths and limitations, our beauty and our struggles. Our modern times fail to appreciate and encourage "looking within." Yoga gives us the opportunity to be in the present moment, to look within, and to learn to love where we are...right now. Our practice and what we learn about ourselves on the mat, can expand to our lives off the mat. Each one of us is unique, and so are our personal journeys.  Through the practice of yoga, we may each find the contentment of our individual, personal truth.

Satya Yoga has many opportunities to practice yoga! We will be offering our first Yoga Teacher Training this Fall! Visit our Teacher Training page for more info and to express your interest. Be sure to check out our Events page to see our participation with the wonderful yoga community at the 5th annual Floyd Yoga Jam over Labor Day weekend 2016, and see a list of Community Classes that we're offering this fall/winter, in addition to our ongoing schedule at Stynchula Chiropractic.  We want to share yoga with you and help to spread peace, one person at a time!  Namaste!